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About Us

m just a regular schmegular guy with beard and a dream.

I've been growing my beard for a little over two years and with the help of my wife I have started a grooming line that has helped me and will definitely help you.

Your beard needs some TLC to grow. That is where we come in at

1. Face & Beard Wash- this is the intro to our line. a deep cleaning activated charcoal soap that is great for pulling toxins out of the skin so that your skin can breathe and your hair can start to grow.

2. Moisturizing Conditioner- Our conditioner is a leave-in conditioner perfect for men with thick & coarse hair that need something that will help keep their beards manageable and looking nice.

3. Next you need to seal that goodness in. You can rock out with our beard butter or our Beard oil. It's definitely a preference thing. So, we will let you pick which one you want to use. Both will seal in the moisture from our Conditioner and will leave your beard shining and smelling great.


That's it. This isn't rocket science. 

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Beard Gang Out,